INTRODUCING THRILL MOUNTAIN! The Amazing 26 Foot High Climbing Wall!

Thrill Mountain brings instant excitement like almost no other party rental on the market today. Feel the exhilarating thrill of climbing this 26’ mountain in the safety of a controlled environment.

Looking for a way to create a buzz at your next birthday, school function or corporate retreat? Thrill Mountain can draw a crowd like virtually no other!

Thrill Mountain comes to your location and can be placed practically anywhere. This incredible 26 foot high wall can accommodate 4 climbers at one time, on 4 very different routes.

a thrill for any occasion

Thrill Mountain comes complete with all safety equipment (helmets, harnesses and ropes), as well as trained staff on hand. Create the perfect adventure and bring a sense of awe and THRILL to any occasion or celebration.

Contact us to book your: birthday party, school, carnival, festival, corporate event, block party, fair, church event, reunion, BBQ or any other type of event.

The Thrill Mountain can even be set up inside larger buildings like schools, community centers, warehouses and convention centers. (Please contact us for specific space requirements).



want to attract crowd?

Looking to increase brand exposure at your next trade show, open house or corporate event? Thrill Mountain draws a crowd like virtually no other. Thrill Mountain offers great promotional package rates to businesses. Please contact us for more information.



Are you a charitable organization or community group?

THRILL proudly supports:

Thrill Mountain supports community groups and charitable organizations that work together to make the world a better place. Please contact us for special rates for fundraisers.

For more information message us or call number below.